Your Development.

We support residents to gain and maintain their living skills. Growth in confidence is gained through access to stimulating activities and experiences that are meaningful, and contribute to their personal development and sense of achievement. At the same time, we recognise and respect that each individual has a right to progress at their own pace and in a way that is most meaningful to them.

developmentReflecting needs

Each person has a schedule of activities, drawn up to reflect their needs, abilities, likes and dislikes. The aim is to build on existing skills, supporting each individual in their continued personal development, and promoting social and educational opportunities. Wherever possible, activity programmes are
devised in association with the    resident, as well as relevant professionals including, speech
therapists and psychology teams, among others.

Life skills

One of our main aims is to rebuild the life of those in our care by allowing them to choose the life
skills programmes they want to develop to help increase their confidence and integration into the